…he brought the red chair and lamp he's been dragging around the world for a personal project. Russell's tireless evangelism when Photoshop was introduced convinced designers, photographers and famous artists like David Hockney to give it a try. Many absolutely hated digital and the very idea of Photoshop was appalling to analog purists. The culture was largely against such disruptive change, which is truly human and why digital innovation was so hard. Russell made the case that Photoshop was not to be feared but embraced as another tool for creativity. After all, any tool can be used for good or ill. As Russell said, “With a hammer you can build a house or tear it down.” Here’s a teaser clip from the interview with this extraordinary artist who has inspired so many with his work and leadership at Adobe:

We’ll post more clips from our doc in progress based on my photo book “Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution 1985-2000.” We are also chasing the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. Who will be the next Steve Jobs. Where will she come from?

Special thanks for producer Peter Scott for making our shoot with Russell happen, Director of Photography Luke Carquillat and assistant James Tensuan for getting wet and not caring. 

This and all our upcoming interviews were shot with the versatile Leica SL for both video and stills.

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Doug Menuez