Finally after months of work I am delighted to announce we have a newly printed portfolio combining my latest personal, documentary and commercial work with some favorite images that provide continuity. It’s true that these days we mostly show work digitally, but I am in love with printed books and will always continue this tradition.

This edition  was designed by the master Jeff Griffith, with his gorgeous typography- we are toasting him here in the studio; many thanks to Kristina Feliciano as well for her help. Debra Weiss gave crucial advice on final picture selection and flow, much gratitude to her as always. Although we could not use a terrific idea she had about text, it’s being saved for a special printed piece. My super agent @heatherelder added important insights as well, thank you so much. I’m thrilled I can finally deliver this new portfolio to Heather and her team. SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW.

I produce my portfolios as limited edition fine art books every year or two and this version is 15.5” x 11.5 inches upright beautifully printed by Tim Shenk on 110 lb premium paper hard case bound and sewn, presented in a slipcase with foil stamping.

If you’ve heard my talks and workshops about how to create your best portfolio you know my philosophy about merging art and commerce. You have to show the work you want to get of course, but it’s more than that.

I became truly successful once I stopped trying to be all things to all creatives. I had to understand my true passion and what gets me out of bed everyday, excited to shoot. For me, it’s all about finding those everyday moments that fuel empathy, connect cultures and remind us of our shared humanity. And then I had to express that as clearly as I could so that I could connect with creatives who value what I bring through my particular way of seeing the world.

If this thinking is useful for you, take a look at my previous essay “On Chaos” about portfolio, photographers and entrepreneurship you can read here on Heather Elder’s blog:

You can see an edited version of my new portfolio it below. The full edit is available only in the printed version through my agent Heather Elder (, I hope you will take a look!

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